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ACA Systems

ACA ROQ (Roll Quality Analyzer)

Roll hardness profile is a key parameter defining a good roll and bad roll. ROQ Roll quality analyzer is the latest innovation in profile determination of a roll. Reproducible high-resolution profiles are automatically generated by a simple measurement procedure.

ACA ROQ measures roll hardness profiles, which are used to troubleshoot and optimize roll making, converting and finishing processes.

ACA ROQ has unique features such as embedded touch screen, Wi-Fi and built-in barcode reader. Its unique technology provides very accurate measurement including flexible data transfer and storage


– Cost savings through less roll quality complaints

– Identification of roll errors such as bagginess, rope marks, wrinkles and soft edges

– Process control based on information of high resolution profiles (Caliper variations are far too small to be picked by online scanners or test labs

– Identify good and bad roll, fast and easy


Best Applications

– PAPER & BOARD: Uncoated fine paper, Coated fine paper, Test liner / Fluting, Newsprint, SC / LWC Paper, MG Paper / Wrapping, Specialty paper, Release liner, Thermal paper

– CONVERTERS: Printing house, Security labels, Flexible packaging, Labels & Packaging, Self-adhesive protection, Multilayer laminates

– PLASTIC FILMS: Technical films, Packaging films, Special films, Thin films



ACA AX-100

ACA AX-100

For optimum coater runnability


− Fast and easy high shear rate dependent viscosity measurement

−Wide shear rate area 100 000 – 1 000 000 1/s

− Excellent correlation to coater runnability


Best applications

−Raw material quality control

−Coating and rheology defect diagnostics

−Coating development, for example water based barrier coatings




ACA Flow 

For Dynamic water retention and size press pick up



−Possibility to measure characteristics of coating dispersions and water based solutions on flow properties

−Possibility to measure the influence of different base substrates on the flow characteristics

−Due to the dynamic flow the instrument has an excellent correlation to real coating processes

− Fast and easy measurement Stand-alone equipment Best applications

−Coated paper and board (dynamic water retention)

−Liner board and other surface treated grades




Fast air permeability analyzer


− Measurement follows Gurley standard

− Measurement range 5 – 2500 GS

−Measurement time typically less than 10 sec Best applications

−Technical films (BSF films, membranes)

−Packaging materials (Breathable films, food packaging)

−Paper & Board