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CRUSH TESTER (Model 1210)

The newly designed single column type compression tester to determine the compressive strength of various material samples for many industries.

The Model 1210 offers fixed parameter tests to perform standardized TAPPI testing including ECT, PAT, FCT, RCT, CMT, and CFC with robust and powerful software. The machine includes a high-speed on-board computer with a color, touch-screen, flat panel monitor.

New Improvement

  • TOUCH SCREEN: Run your machine via touch buttons on-screen with the new, nearly-flush display.
  • RECESSED CONSOLE: Shielded from glare and recessed for protection, the heavy-duty console is more at home in industrial production environments.
  • WHISPER QUIET: New noise dampening enclosure reduces machine operation noise to near-inaudible levels, perfect for the lab.
  • DOUBLE SHIELDING: Enclosure panels incorporate embedded dual-plane RFI shielding for advanced noise immunity.
  • ENHANCED G-SHOCK CAPABILITY: New electronic layouts with enhanced support, plus increased enclosure mechanical strength, allow this unit to survive greater G-Shock during moving or shipping.
  • INCREASED STAGING AREA: The top of the Model 1210 has been maximized to allow more area for test staging.
  • VIBRATION RESISTANCE: A greatly increased base mass increases external vibration resistance of test mechanisms.
  • CONSOLIDATED ELECTRICAL RACK: The new Model 1210 design allows the electrical rack back panel to swing down, exposing all electrical components for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. The consolidated design allows complete replacement of the electrical rack to be shipped to the end user for fast replacement in the field.
  • EXPANSION SUPPORT: Additional support added for USB Wi-Fi Dual Band Ethernet (purchased separately) and 10/100 Wired Ethernet bulkhead connector (planned future expansion). USB Inkjet Printers are supported up to dotNET4.5 (low resolution printers via basic printer drivers).
  • DESIGN IMPROVEMENTS: Components are updated to take advantage of the latest CNC capabilities and component materials for improved accuracy and machine longevity without cost increases.
  • STREAMLINED MANUFACTURING: New streamlined process improves manufacturing turn-around time.


CRUSH TESTER (Model 2210)

The Model 2210 is designed to test corrugated, tubes, cores, bottles, and cans for the packaging, plastic, and building products industries. Its test menu offers fixed parameter tests for standardized material testing (per TAPPI requirements) and user-defined tests for any combination of test parameters and failure modes.

Model 2210 comes with high-speed computer, Windows Operating System, flat panel color display, and customized Emerson software that stores data and groups it for averaging, standard deviation, histograms, and control charts.

NEW Features

  • NEW! Test-result tabular report lists each test result and the statistical analysis for the group of samples tested in an easy-to-read format
  • NEW! Data logging capabilities add test curve output files as CSV, allowing you to see the force vs. deflection curve for each test
  • NEW! Graphics and performance enhancements included
  • INCREASED DYNAMIC RESPONSE allows additional test specimens including glass, fiber, metals, and other extremely brittle samples
  • SAMPLE RATE has increased to 5,000 samples per second, giving the machine a higher sensitivity and response
  • ADDITIONAL USER SETTINGS to help with setting up printers and installing peripheral programs

Core Holding Fixture


The Emerson Model 5205 Compression Tester was created for the performance testing of roll cores, corrugated shipping containers, tubes, bottles, and cans for the packaging, plastic, and building products industries. It features a protective enclosure to prevent injury from core fragments.


  • Capacity 12,000 LBS
  • Platen Size 23″ x 20″
  • Platen Opening 22″
  • Platen Test Speed 0 to 5 in/min
  • Platen Rapid Return Speed 6 in/min
  • Static Hold Time 0 to 999 hours
  • Rupture Sensitivity 0 to 99%
  • Preload 0 to 10,00 LBS
  • Accuracy .06% of reading or .002% of full scale
  • Resolution 0.5 LBS measured, 0.1 LBS processed
  • Dimensions 36″W x 29″D x 67″H
  • Weight 1,200 LBS
  • Electrical Single/three phase 208V/60Hz

Applicable Standards:  ASTM D642, TAPPI T804, T804, D642, D4169, 49 CFR, Item 180, ISTA, and etc.


Test the resistance to compressive forces with boxes, pallets, bottles, and other containers. Comes in a variety of models to suit your testing needs.

All Compression Tester Models come with our Dedicated Computer Controller System, Color Printer, Color Monitor, and our pre-loaded Emerson Compression Tester Software Program (Windows Operating System).


  • Platen Speed 0 to 5 in/min
  • Static Hold Time 0 to 999 hours
  • Rupture Sensitivity 0 to 99%
  • Accuracy .06% of reading or .002% of full scale

The available models :

  1. Model 5200
    • Capacity 10,000 lbs
    • Platen Size 40″ x 40″
    • Platen Opening 40″
  2. Model 5210
    • Capacity 10,000 lbs
    • Platen Size 40″ x 48″
    • Platen Opening 48″
  3. Model 6200
    • Capacity 5,000 lbs
    • Platen Size 26″ x 30″
    • Platen Opening 28″
  4. Model 6210
    • Capacity 5,000 lbs
    • Platen Size 30″ x 38″
    • Platen Opening 38″
  5. Model 7200
    • Capacity 20,000 lbs
    • Platen Size 48″ x 48″
    • Platen Opening 48″
  6. Model 8510 (Fixed/Floating Platen Type)
    • Capacity 45,000 lbs
    • Platen Size 60″ x 60″
    • Platen Opening 96″
  7. Customed sized compression tester
    • Emerson Apparatus can customize any of its Compression Testers (from Model 2210 to Model 8510) to meet your platen size and platen opening requirements, as well as custom software and testing needs

Applicable Standards:  ASTM D642, TAPPI T804, D642, D4169, 49 CFR, Item 180, ISTA, and etc.