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2100 Digital Bench Opacimeter

This instrument measures the opacity of products such as paper, plastic sheets containing colorants and clear plastic films and sheets.

By using Huygen’s Photronic® detector with Viscor® filter, it offers the same color response as the human eye, but is much more sensitive to opacity or clarity/transmission/haze than a human observer.

By the contrast ratio technique (using a white body calibrated reflector and a black body/light trap), the effect of varying gloss is removed from the measurement.

The instrument’s greater and more repeatable optical sensitivity makes it useful for controlling colorant or opacifying agent additions to the product—thereby generating a more uniform product at lower cost.

Its coated and hooded optics produce extremely low light scattering error and excellent linearity making the instrument suitable for accurate transmission measurements on thin, clear plastic films.

The unit conforms to Tappi Test Method T425 and is available factory configured for ASTM D1003 haze measurements.

Model 2300 Strip Opacimeter

For faster testing of single samples or multi-points on strip samples, this instrument offers single pushbutton operation. In addition to the computerized display and statistics, the calibrated white body and black body/ light trap are controlled by the internal AV-3 computer and their movement in two planes is automated.

This stainless steel cased instrument “clamshells” open to permit inspection of the backings and optics. Its accuracy is equal to the Model 2100 and its measurement speed minimizes the possibility of lamp generated heating or drying of the sample. The unit conforms to Tappi Test Method T425.