About US

About US

Chemical House & Lab Instrument Co., Ltd.

A leading company supplying the high-quality laboratory testing equipment, solutions for quality control and industrial applications.  

 We were established since 1977 under Chemical House Part., Ltd, primarily the company was only a small dealer involved in buying and selling re-agents (chemical), general laboratory instrument and all kinds of glass-wares.   We has been diversified business into more specific areas so that we can strive for higher technology lab’s instruments.  Our key clients are from both Governmental Sector and Private Research Centre.

Due to this advancement and business expansion, the company’s name has been changed to “Chemical House & Lab Instrument Co., Ltd.” and has been appointed as Exclusive Distributor from the world’s leading laboratory testing instruments to represent and

  • Expand business into Pulp / Paper / Packaging Industry

  • Strengthen our laboratory testing/analytical instruments business in the petroleum/petrochemical industry by representing the world’s most respected and well accepted brands.

  • Expand into Biomass Testing Instruments 

  • Expand Sales and Services territories to Asia

Trusted Partner, Leading Quality Control Solution and Sharing & Care Consultant are to provide Quality Control Solutions with top notch Quality Testing Instruments as well as Professional, Prompt, and Reliable After Sales Services with well-trained engineers and known as “Service-Oriented company”.

Petroleum & Petrochemical​

Paper & Packaging

Metal & Materials

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