Innovative on-line analytical instrumentation provides highly accurate results with little operator interaction due to their high level of automation where techniques of measurement adhere to various international standards by ASTM, CEN, DIN, GPA, IP, ISO, and UOP. Factory complies with ISO 9001-2015 standards.

SAVE AN OPERATING COST THROUGH OF REAL-TIME ACCURATE PROCESS CONTROL BY ELLIMINATING PRODUCT GIVEAWAY AND TIME CONSUMING AND LABORIOUS LABORATORY WORK.  Real time analysis of process streams physical properties such as Viscosity, Boiling Points/ Distillation, Sulfur and Nitrogen Concentration, Oil in Water, Cloud Point, Pour Point, Freezing Point and many others increases plant production efficiency and product quality.



  1. Increased speed and accuracy due to the real-time nature of the analysis rather than sampling and lab testing, eliminating long time lags
  2. Decreased cost resulting from minimization of laboratory analyses
  3. Closer control resulting in smaller tolerances in final product specifications and reduction in quality “giveaway”
  4. Direct measurement of process variables rather than detection of properties by inference
  5. Reduction of errors caused by unrepresentative samples or by changes in sample composition caused by sample handling
  6. Eliminate human errors which can happen in nonautomated laboratory procedures
  7. Ability to recognize process trends, thus permitting the automatic control of a given process variable by closed-loop control
  8. Feasibility of implementing in-line blending systems, which result in economic benefits resulting from the elimination of tankage, and from increased system flexibility and better quality control
  9. Ability to provide continuous inputs to computerized process control systems for plant optimization.


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