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Paper and Packaging by Brand


ACA Systems 30 years of innovative and advanced analyzers for the roll industry . And, equipment for research and development for coated paper.- Made in Finland

The manufactures FORMAX™ wet-end laboratory equipment for the pulp and paper industry.- Made in USA

Cerulean is ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 compliant, supplying precision test and measurement equipment solutions for the packaging industry who committed to fulfil our customers’ expectations- Made in UK

The global innovation leader of process-relevant paper testing who provide the consultation of paper-related problem and supply the fast and accurate moisture meter for paper industry.- Made in Germany

One of the most trusted producers of high quality, cutting edge laboratory testing equipment for industrial applications since 1908.- Made in USA
Frank PTI

An Experienced quality testing equipment for pulp / paper / packaging industry covers routine and special application with highest precision and consistent with current testing standard methods.- Made in Germany

GBPI is a supplier of flexible packaging testing equipment, mask testing equipment, and testing solutions. It has more than 20 years of experience in the field of testing equipment. Made in China.

A global leader in both quality and precision who is committed to engineering and manufacturing excellence for pulp / paper & board, non-woven industry.- Made in USA
JB Hottack

J&B is dedicated to develop and manufacture user-friendly Hottack Tester by utilizing state of art mechanics, electronics, and optics for quickly and auttomatically test material, films, tapes and lminates.- Made in Belgium

An 90 year manufacturer of full line-up Pulp and Paper testing equipment life long mechanical function and reliability of developed products.- Made in Japan

Team of material specialist & university professor developing measurement solutions, specially in the field of polymer materials; thermosets, composites and thermoplastic resins.- Made in France

The market leader in Brazil and world’s 7th largest pulp manufacturer, and regular supplier of pulp, paper, packaging & printing testing equipment of leading company.- Made in Brazil

Sundy is the leading supplier of Coal Analysis Total Solutions. And covered to instrument testing for Biomass product (Wood Chip, Wood Pallet, etc).- Made in China
Thwing Albert

Brand from USA, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of advanced testing instrumentation. The ISO 9001 registered company and with 100 years old company and a leader in the field of materials testing instruments for evaluation of physical.- Made in USA

Tobias Associates, Inc., is a progressive family-owned manufacturer of innovative graphic arts equipment. In addition to the printing industry, Tobias also serves the photographic, micrographic, radiographic, pulp and paper, and electronic publishing industries. Made in USA.- Made in USA


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