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Model : 1140
Brand : Emcee

  • The Model 1140 Micro-Separometer is a electro-mechanical instrument used to perform four discrete tests
  • Water Separation Characteristic in Jet Fuel (D3948, D7224) and Diesel (D7261)
  • Free water and particulate contamination in Jet furel and Diesel (D4860 ) aka Clear and Bright Test

ASTM D3948, D7224, D7261 & D4860, included in Specifications D1655 and D7566

Micro-Filter Analyzer

Model : 1143
Brand : Emcee

  • Convenient reliable method to determine the filterability of fuels
  • Portable, rugged, lightweight construction
  • Cost effective-fifteen minutes or less per test
  • Utilizes expendable standard porosity filters
  • Pressure sensitive push button array for simplified test selection and operation
  • Digital displays-Pressure, Volume and Filterability Quality Factor (F-QF)

ASTM D6426, D6824

Digital Conductivity Meter

Model : 1153
Brand : Emcee

  • Continuous standard electrical conductivity range from 1 to 2,000 picosiemens per meter (pS/m)
  • Available in other conductivity ranges (from 2000 – 10M pS/m)
  • LED illuminates during automatic test cycle (3 seconds)
  • Temperature measured and displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Approved intrinsically safe design for use in hazardous environments by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) U.S., (UL) Canada and LCIE (Europe)

ASTM D2624, included in Specifications D975, D1655, and D7566