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Model: Code: OptiFule

Brand: PAC


  • OptiFuel combines the best of our GS PPA, TD PPA and QuickSpec capabilities into one analyzer and adds the latest FTIR technology.
  • 2-year standard system warranty
  • 10-year optics warranty on the full range, laser-referenced Michelson interferometer
  • 5-year warranty on the IR light source
  • ATR Single Flow Cell Measure multiple parameters at once
  • Modern temperature-controlled laser referenced Michelson interferometer
  • Humidity and vibration resistant ZnSe mirrors, beam splitters and non-moving sample cell.
  • On-system, one-button-push model update with regional samples.
  • One-step, rapid calibration transfer and cloning


Compliance: ASTM D6277, ASTM D7371, ASTM D5845, ASTM D7777, EN 238, IP 559, DEF STAN 91-091

Correlation: ASTM: D1319, D1322, D1840, D2386, D2699, D2700, D323, D3828, D3948, D4053, D4737A, D445, D4815, D5191, D56, D613, D6371, D6378, D6379, D6839, D7153, D7806, D86, D976, EN 116, EN 14078, EN ISO 13016, ISO 22854 , ISO 3104, ISO 3405, ISO 4264, ISO 5163, ISO 5164, ISO 5165, SGS M2533

Specs: ASTM D1655, D4806, D4814, D975, EN 228, EN 590


Model: OptiReader

Brand: PAC


  • Ellipsometric jet fuel thermal oxidation heater tube scanner.
  • Provides pass/fail deposit results with a full 2D and 3D thickness
  • OptiReader is now cited as an approved procedure in ASTM D3241-18 Annex A4 (Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Fuels Test Method)
  • User friendly interface on a large 10.8 color touchscreen
  • Quantifiable HT deposit thinkness and volume
  • Unified test report with results from JFTOT & OptiReader
  • Over the top precision – better than ASTM D3241 requirement
  • Full mapping is completed in less than 10 minutes


ASTM D3241-18 Annex A4


Model: Accura

Brand: PAC


  • Fully automated analysis of gaseous and pressurized liquid hydrocarbon streams for MultiTek, ElemeNtS and Gas Chromatography
  • Highest accuracy and precision through uncompromised sample integrity
  • Repeated injections in one run for Multitek and ElemeNtS
  • Temperature and pressure controlled for vaporizing injection giving more accurate and precise results
  • Applications: Sulfur, Nitrogen, Nitrogen & Sulfur, Nitrogen & Halides, Sulfur & Halides, Nitrogen & Sulfur & Halides, Applicated GC Gas Analysis, Natural Gas Analysis, Refinery Gas Analysis, Sulfur Trace Analysis, Customized Analysis


ASTM D2163, ASTM D2504, ASTM D2505, ASTM D2712, ASTM D5303, ASTM D6667, EN ISO 7941, IP 405, ISO 6974, ISO 7941, UOP 936, UOP 971, EN 15984, ASTM D7551, ASTM D1946, UOP 539, GPA 2261, GPA 2286