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Dye Tester

Model : DT-100
Brand : Petrospec

  • A fast portable analyzer that is ideal for the simultaneous quantification of dye and color concentrations in diesel fuels and heating oils.
  • Using the latest visible laser and LED photometric techniques, the DT-100 accurately reads red dye concentration while correcting for the ASTM color of the un-dyed base fuel.
  • Tests within 5 seconds
  • Exports data automatically to a computer or workstation via an RS-232 serial port

Two configurations are available:
1. DT-100C: measurement of active red dye concentration and ASTM color in diesel fuels and heating oils & measures dye solvent red 26

2. DT-100C-IS: measurement of specific dyes and markers in diesel fuels and heating oils, measures dye solvent red 24, solvent red 19, and solvent blue 79, markers solvent yellow 124, quinizarin, and furfural.”

ASTM D6756

Ethanol and water Conten in Gasoline

Ethanol and Water Content Analysis in Fuel Grade Ethanol and Gasoline

Model : Quickspec
Brand : Petrospec

  • Analysis range of ethanol from 0.1 vol% to 100.0 vol%
  • Analysis range of water from 0.01 vol% to 5.00 vol%.
  • Analysis is performed in 20 seconds using a near-infrared spectral method
  • Combines two tests in one, ethanol and water
  • Lightweight, compact, and conveniently portable design

ASTM D4806