Heater Tube Scanner

Heater Tube Scanner

OptiReaderTM, TAKING HEATER TUBE SCANNING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. PAC has developed a blazing fast jet fuel thermal oxidation heater tube scanner, using advanced multi-wavelength ellipsometry technology. Our new OptiReaderTM provides pass/fail results with a full 2D and 3D thickness map defining maximum deposit thickness and volume in less than 10 minutes. Results are not only fast, but also highly precise and accurate. The user interface is so simple it doesn’t require any training which saves time and money.

  • MODEL : OptiReaderc
  • SPECIFICATION : > OptiFuel combines the best of our GS PPA, TD PPA and QuickSpec capabilities into one analyzer and adds the latest FTIR technology.
    > Ellipsometric jet fuel thermal oxidation heater tube scanner.
    > Provides pass/fail deposit results with a full 2D and 3D thickness
    > OptiReader is now cited as an approved procedure in ASTM D3241-18 Annex A4 (Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Fuels Test Method)
    > User friendly interface on a large 10.8 color touchscreen
    > Quantifiable HT deposit thinkness and volume
    > Unified test report with results from JFTOT & OptiReader
    > Over the top precision – better than ASTM D3241 requirement
    > Full mapping is completed in less than 10 minutes

ASTM D3241-18 Annex A4

More Information :

Brochure Download :  Download: OptiReaderc 

More Info : http://www.paclp.com/lab-instruments/brand/pac/product/88/optifuel-ftir-fuel-analyzer




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