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Pulp & Paper by Brand



The specialist in developing and supplying innovative, high-tech laboratory instruments and services for reliable quality control and troubleshooting in pulp and paper industry


The reliable manufacture of Hi-Shear Viscometer and acquired manufacturing rights to produce the AA-GWR Water Retention Meter. 

The manufactures FORMAX™ wet-end laboratory equipment for the pulp and paper industry.


The global innovation leader of process-relevant paper testing.


The Manufacturer of state-of-art equipment used for measuring the quality of pulp, paper and board.


The Specialist in industrial Moisture Measurement Systems for Pulp and Paper Industry.


The market leader in Brazil and world’s 7th largest pulp manufacturer, and regular supplier of pulp, paper, packaging & printing testing equipment of leading company.


Hanatek are a UK based manufacturer of packaging test equipment. 

The ISO 9001 registered company and with 100 years old company and a leader in the field of materials testing instruments for evaluation of physical.


The supplier of testing instrument for paper and plastic industry, emphasize on both innovative and technical competency


ACA System ACA Systems 30 years of innovative and advanced analyzers for the roll industry from Finland.

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