Forté Series 8000 Pulp Bale Moisture/Weight Measuring Systems 

measure the average moisture of every bale of pulp. The measurement is made automatically, in real time – in the bale press – while it is still being produced and not hours after lenghty drying procedures. The Forté computer-controlled moisture/weight measurement produces a complete production record including: Time, Grade, Bale Number, Gross Weight, % Air-Dry (Moisture), Air-Dry Commercial Weight, Basis Weight, and QC-Data from the Forté DataLog®. Forté provides a comprehensive pulp production record.

In addition, Forté Systems can control the Bale-Marker, can display profiles of % AD and Bale Weight with the Profilog®, can output to DCS, remote displays, and other peripherals, and can be connected to mill-network and control Lay-boy Drop.

How the Forté System works
The secret of each Forté System is in its electrode system. The Forté electrode passes a harmless, low-power electronic field through your entire bale. In the bale press system, the electrode is attached to the bale press platen. For non-press measurement of bales, and rolls, the electrodes are mounted adjacent to the conveyer. This exclusive patented 2-step measurement is self-zeroing and virtually instantaneous.
The Forté computer receives the electronic moisture reading and the digital bale weight input to calculate and tabulate your production automatically, every time a bale is produced. The weighing station may be located either before or after the moisture measurement is taken. For each lot, the computer calculates and prints the total tonnage and average moisture, resulting in comprehensive management information.

Forté designs and installs complete systems for multiple Cutter/Layboy, multiple finishing lines. A Forté System is the key to precise accounting for every kilogram or pound of pulp produced in your mill.
Forté also offers custom-programming for warehousing and inventory control, with bar-coding for warehouse tracking, inventory control, and integration into your factory network.

Product Capabilities

Automatically measures all bales:
• Moisture content and weight of entire bale and every bale produced

Calculates and records:
• % Air-Dry   (% Bone Dry)
• Air-Dry Commercial Weight
• Basis Weight
• Total production data

BaleMark® Bale Identification:

• Output to Bale Marking System
• Serial number
• Grade code
• Lot number
• Other data

DataLog® – Logs:
• Brightness
• Dirt count
• Viscosity
• Sheet count

ProfiLog® – Displays:

• Bar graph of moisture and weight for each bale across Cutter/Layboy
• “Three-D” display of consecutive Layboy drops

Alarms/Out of Limit:
• Wet/Dry
• Heavy/Light

Remote Printers and Video Displays:
• For Machine control
• For production, sales and shipping departments

LayBoy drop control:
• Output signal to automatically control the Air-Dry (Bone Dry) weight for each Layboy drop

Benefits of Forté Series 8000 Pulp Moisture/Weight Measurement System
• Increases tons billed
• Improves accuracy by 100% sampling – measure every bale
• Eliminates Make-up man
• Saves testing labor
• Save energy – Optimize drying cost versus shipping cost
• Provides accurate production record
• Reduces down-time
• Measures moisture in real-time – not hours later
• Prints production data records


Features of the Forté 8000 Series Include:
• User-friendly Windows Menus
• Network Connectivity
• Archives 24 Months of Bale & Lot Records
• Data Output to SQL Server
• Multi Language Versatility
• Application Security Independent of Windows Security
• Improved Diagnostics and Automatic Failure Detection
• User-configurable Views and Reports
• Expandability

• Bale Marking
• Basis Weight
• Quality Input
• Automatic Grade Input
• Unit Processing
• Rebale
• Drop Control
• Analog Output
• Large LED Display


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