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Rapid Testing Technology For Fuel Analysis

  • On 07/09/2021
  • faster response, independent labs, R&D, rapid, rapid testing, refineries, Refinery, refining, regulatory agencies, technology solution, terminals

Another successful webinar event was held on 5th August 2021, attended by our customers from refineries, government regulatory agencies, independent labs, R&Ds, and terminals. Promoting the rapid method and technology solution that brings the benefits to the end-users such as:

1. automation and rapid testing yield higher production rates
2. optimizing the usage of raw materials while in the process
3. faster response means better product quality control with fuel specs compliant analyzers
4. enhanced safety for the company’s operators and assets
5. shorter time to complete the test which will eventually reduce the production lead times, less manpower required to station in the lab, hence Work-From-Home scheme has less impact on the production”


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our valued customers in Thailand for another successful event. Chemical House & Lab instrument  hopes to have contributed again to our customers,

the up-to-date information in the current market with regards to new technology & techniques, standardization update, and other current trends in quality control.


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