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Novo-Shade Duo + Reflectometer

The Novo-Shade Duo reflectometer can be used to assess either the shade of a surface (a simple indication of colour based on lightness/darkness) or calculate the opacity of a coating, plastic film or paper sample.

Measuring using 0/45º the Novo-Shade Duo measures the colour of a surface and not the specular reflectance (gloss).

Applicable Standards:
 ISO 2814 ,ISO 6504 , BS 3900-D4 ,ASTM E1347 ,ASTM D4214 ,ASTM D2805 ,ASTM D589-97


Novo-Gloss Lite 45° Glossmeter 

The Rhopoint Novo-Gloss Lite 45º measures gloss using a specialist geometry often specified in the ceramics, metal manufacturing and film making industries.

The instrument benefits from the Novo-Gloss Lite technology, it is small lightweight and is complete with statistical analysis and can download saved readings to PC.

Applicable Standards:
 ASTM C 346 , ISO 7668 , ASTM D2457


20º / 60º / 75º Statistical Triple Angle Gloss Meter 

The Novo-Gloss 20/60/75ºS gloss meter is a fully featured instrument measuring the gloss of surfaces.

The 60º angle is the reference angle and can be used to measure any surface from matt to mirror finish. To complement this the instrument also has 20º angle for improved measurement on high-gloss surfaces and 75º which gives improved resolution on matt surfaces.

With built in statistical analysis, memory and the ability to download results to a PC the instrument has all the features you will ever need for fast accurate gloss measurement.

The 60º can be used for measuring printed substrates, the 20º gives improved resolution on high-gloss coating and foil boards. The 75º TAPPI is the standard measurement angle for gloss in the paper industry.

Applicable Standards:
 DIN EN ISO 2813 , ASTM D523


Novo-Gloss Trigloss 20/60/85° 

The Novo-Gloss Trigloss is perfect for the gloss measurement of matt to mirror gloss surfaces.

Small, lightweight and durable the instrument can be used in the most demanding environments. The high specifications, including statistical analysis, graphical analysis and software-free PC down load facility make it the ideal choice for general gloss measurements.

60° is referred to as the universal measurement angle and is the most commonly specified geometry in applications such as paints, coatings, plastics, automotive interiors and general manufacturing. It can be used as a basic gloss assessment for any surface.

20° is the angle selected for high gloss applications such as paints and coatings, polished metals as it gives an improved resolution for high gloss finishes. It is also more sensitive to haze effects that affect the appearance of a surface.

85° is the recommended angle for low gloss finishes as it offers improved resolution of low gloss. This angle is recommended for surfaces which measure less than 10 GU when measured at 60º.

The instrument features onboard statistics and the ability to download reading to Novo-Soft.

Applicable Standards:
DIN EN ISO 2813 ,ASTM D523 ,ASTM D2457 , DIN 67530 ,JIS Z 8741 ,ISO 7668


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